Hullaballoo Collective in NYC

I exhibited collages with the Hullaballoo Collective in NYC at Fountain during Armory Week 2013.

Text in Art: titled Yves Klein BaLOO (Yves Klein Blue)

I showed my collages at Fountain at the 25th Street Park Avenue Armory, March 7 -10. It was a 100th anniversary celebration. One work was titled Yves Klein Balloo (in homage to the French artist Yves Klein). He was famous for his cobalt blue paintings. My title was also a riff on the name Hulllaballoo (balloo sounds like blue). Read more about the Hullaballoo Collective at Fountain 2013 and read my Art of Collage post “It All Started at the Armory.”

Yves Klein blue

Hullaballoo Collective at Fountain

art of collage It All Started at the Armory