Triangles to Diamonds

The collage painting nearby is titled Triangles to Diamonds.

It’s created with painted papers cut into triangles and glued down to form diamonds on a 24×24 inch canvas. The design shows a diagonal pattern.  In teal blue, white, yellow and brown.

I painted triangles with multiple layers of acrylic paint, and you can see colors through colors. Notice how the colors play against each other. 

There’s a lot of texture in this collage. If you look close, you can see triangles papers pasted on top of each other.

People ask: what comes first – cutting papers or painting papers? Typically I paint papers first, and then I cut papers into different sizes and shapes. The substrate (paper, panel or canvas that supports the collage) determines the size, number and shape of the painted papers I will use for collage. As I start the collage, I place triangles to see how they touch and the color relationships they create.  I added white and light blue triangles on top of other triangles until the color relationships came together.